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A young boy falls in love for the first time with his feisty, beautiful neighbour some four years his senior. Her red hair seems to glow, her confidence transcends and her eyes are a captivating deep dark blue. The possibilities, mostly in his imagination light up his world in ways he never could have imagined.

The two grow and eventually the girl leaves home to move to the city in pursuit of self-discovery and her dreams. The boy is crushed, but life goes on.

Years later, the boy now a man is walking down a city street when he glances across the road to see a prostitute being pushed over by what appears to he an angry customer. Out of instinct he rushes across the street to help her up and cant believe what he sees, those same deep blue Indigo eyes.

The eyes are the same, but her face tells a different story, her attitude has hardened, her confidence is frayed, and the spirit crushed. He tries to help her but she resists, he refuses to walk away and there begins the struggle of rebuilding and starting over.

Indigo is about love, innocence and the loss of. Its about choosing your path and having the determination, and strength of character to stay true to yourself, and focused on your dreams.

This song is based around a true story.

Lyrics by Gavin McDonough, music by Fifth Avenue

This Is How It Is!


Everyones afraid of something...

Some fear failure, some fear the truth. Some people are afraid of being different, and some just fear what they dont know or cant understand. Are you one of these people.

The only way to undo and overcome our own crippling shortcomings is to confront and battle them head on, and have the courage to turn them around.

This Is How It Is indirectly poses the question, What are you afraid of? And uses some of ones own struggles as examples. The song is designed musically and lyrically to put a rocket up yaass and inspire you to get off the fence, make a stand, and say, "No fucking more!"

The hardest thing is to let go and jump. Once you do that, youll never look back.

My only fear is to get to the end of my life, long or short with regrets. How about you?

Lyrics by Gavin McDonough, music by Fifth Avenue

Gav: "Freezing deals with the monotony of day to day life and how people get stuckin the treadmill that is wake, work, eat, sleep."
Let Me Out:
Let me Out was written after Ryan and Gavins bro Blair was in the Australian Big Brother. It was written with a perspective of what Blair and the other housemates may be feeling.

All Fools Away:
Love once broken usually leads immediatley to hate, shattered pride, and seclusion.
All Fools Away deals with this topic from a semi-standard male perspective.*

Clown attempts to build some sort of picture about the negative aspects of one of the major problems plaging Australias youth today, heroin. It's not cool, It's not cool, it outcasts people from society and only one thing, death.*

*-from Primal Event, the 1998 National band competition LaTrobe Uni Campus Compilation album