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All the answers to the most commonly asked 5th Ave Questions!

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How did you all first meet?

RYAN:what a long story this is. Of course Gav and I are brothers and have played in many line ups of the band for as long as I can remember. We used to have a bass player called rob who played with us for a while, He decided to move on, but had a friend that was a good bass player and was looking to join a band. and that was tash. He was a little different back then than he is now. Most noticeable was the long hair. Yes, he used to have really long hair. About two weeks into the band he got rid of it all.
As for Michael. Gav first meet Michael through a mixer that gav used to work with when he played in a cover band many years ago. Michael used to run a studio and Gav recorded some of his earliest tunes at Michaels studio. So he sort of been in the picture for a while. Michael used to front his own band, but could never find the right drummer and bass player. So he decided to hook up with us and continue your career.
The funny thing is that we all get on really well, like best mates, which makes it hard to find another member to join the band. That person always feels a little left out.
So we decided to just go on as the four of us, which is the best line up for us......

GAVIN:Our first bass player was a bit of a scitzo and walked out on the band a few weeks before we were to record our debut Ep. Luckily he knew Tash and offered the job to him. So, we really didn't know Tash as all, Just fait I guess. Mike I had known and played some accoustic stuff with for a few years before he joined the band. I used to record at a studio he owned in Coburg called Appollo. Ryan, well known him for a long while.

Describe 5th ave for those who may not know who you are?

RYAN:Fifth avenue is a contemporary rock band that is riff driven, with killer harmonies to boot.
There sound is a cross between the rock ballads of Matchbox 20, the raw sound of the foo fighters and Stone temple pilots and the stage presence of Pearl Jam
(Hows that for a description, just come up with that)

What inspires the songs?

GAV:Real Life most of the time. Things that happen, people and issues that I find interesting, contrasts and contridictions.

MIKE:Experiences, people, places and life

RYAN:The songs are mainly inspired by real life stories that Michael and Gav have experienced in there lives. They are always saying, that it is easier to write songs about things that have happened or you know a bit a bout. It gives you that extra bit of passion and drive when you perform them as well.

When and how did 5th Ave/Snubrocket start?

GAV: Early 1996

RYAN:We sort of worked our way up through the smaller venues gaining experience and now focus on getting a recording out early next year. Along the way we have had the opportunity to play with international act The Tea Party from Canada, and local Acts such as, Something for Kate, Augie March, The mavis's, Pollyanna, Frenzal Rhomb, Finiscad, The fauves to mention a few.

Whats a 5th ave gig like?

RYAN:A fifth avenue gig is an experience in Killer music and Lyrics topped off with a vibrant stage show, with Gav leading the way....
Energy, Punch and Style probably summs up what Fifth avenue is all about....... stay tuned!!!