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So um yeah...


Life is a search for a song. THE SONG. Its a song that some people never find in their entire lives. It's not a song that is easily discovered. Even the most talented musician could never write THEIR song. It is a song that only exists in you mind, and you don't know how your song sounds until you hear it. That's providing you ever do. For me, I found my song, in 2001, when I was 16. The first time I heard Freezing. It's hard, if not impossible to put into words how I felt when I heard this song. I can remember everything about it. What I was wearing, how I was sitting, how I felt. Never before, or since, has any song had the power to bring me to tears without some other reason behind it. Freezing is THE PERFECT SONG. It's an amazing feeling to find the song your life is searching for. Nothing can describe it. Nothing can compare to that feeling. Nothing can compare to Freezing.

You've all heard it before, and from all reports, you all love it! However, the version you've probably heard is quite a bit different from that on the demo CD. Even the version played at gigs and on GMA last year is different. But, this is not a bad thing! As wonderful as the old Freezing was (and still is) this song just keeps on getting better!! Theres a few simple lyric changes, and the track is a bit more rockier overall. Fantastic Stuff!!
A! hhh, Indigo! The propsed single. And so it should be! While all the tracks on here are stunning, theres just something about Indigo that 'screams radio'. I can't quite put my finger on it, but it just has that radio feel to it. A slightly indie sounding track, Indigo is destined to be a hit if released.

Probably the most boppy (not all teeny bobby, just, well...boppy!) of the 4 songs, Once Detected sucks you in and gets in your head. You simply can't stop singing this song. A toe-tapping, upbeat track, Once Dectected cannot be 'overlooked'. A great, catchy song, that is a brilliant sample of what Fifth Avenue have to offer the world.

Thought provoking lyrically, and addictive (and occasionally familar - I don't miss a thing!) riffs combine to make This Is How It Is one of Fifth's best new tunes. This song grabs a hold o! f you and won't let go. A perfect choice for the final track on the demo CD, This Is How It Is really shows what the band are capable of; another brilliant song!

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