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Just some stuff....

What is the bands ultimate aim?
Ryan: I guess our ultimate aim is to be recognised and respected throughout the music industry.

What is the meaning of Freezing?
Gav: Freezing deals with the monotiny of day to day life and how people get stuck in the treadmill of wake, work, eat, sleep.

What's the biggest crowd you've performed in front of?
Ryan: About 1500

Why did you decide to do the band thing in the first place?
Ryan: For me it was probably because playing drums with just a brother on guitar got boring.
Tash: I've always been an entertainer. When I was young I was a dj. I had a few friends who were musicians I'd go to see them play in clubs and stuff. That kinda made me decide that's the thing for me.
Gav: I couldnt play all the instruments at the same time (or well enough)Mike: Cause I love music and interacting and playing with people.
Tom: I've always dreamed of being a rock star..  Being in a band is the
perfect way to do it.

Has there ever been a fight over a band thing that has caused problems outside band time?
Ryan: No, because we actually swear by the rule that its a job...once you set foot in the band room you're free to say what you think, then once you leave the band room its all forgotten.

What has been the highlight so far?
Ryan: Having a song played on Triple M; playing with the Tea Party.
Tash: Playing at the Metro for the Big Brother finale. A few gigs @ The Evelyn or Tote. I couldn't tell ya the exact date though. Playing with Something For Kate...great audience, really responded well. The band was really good on stage. Off stage, Michael joining the band was great. It was like a breath of fresh air. I don't think we would have done a lot of the things we have if it wasn't for him.
Gav: Some great gigs with the Tea Party, Something for Kate and a more recent Big Brother reunion show where we played centre-stage at the Melbourne Metro
Mike: Acheiving short term goals, basically to be at the end of the year in a recording studio with a name label. Getting the show up to scratch.
Tom: Highlight for me is playing in front of large crowds.  The clap at
the end almost always brings a tear to my eye.

Any regrets?
Ryan: No I don't think so. Actually, nah, I think my main regret would be that I shoulda played something easier to carry.
Tash: Not releasing Freezing as a single earlier. Not pursing that enough. Not pushing Gav and the other guys more to do something with that
Gav: Absolutely. You are always learning, usually making mistakes and often saying, fuck I wish I hadnt, or wish I hadthat is life. Life without regrets is impossible
Mike: None
Tom: Yes plenty.  It's all part of the process.  You live and you learn

What's it like to have a world-wide fan base?
Ryan: We what?! How'd ya find that out?!?! (I then fill him in) fantastic..hopefully one day it will be bigger then one or two!
Tash: WORLD WIDE! I don't think it's world wide (once again I fill him in) just fun...I suppose, good to know that people are into what we're doing and what we love. Theres a song that we work on and hammer our heads against each other work hard then it finally comes out. Really appreciate. Great thing. Flattering & fun I guess are two words.
Gav: The internet is awesome in that you have a much easier chance of attracting an audience internationally.
Mike: Fantastic if its true. Wonderful

Do you ever get nervous before a gig?
Ryan: No I'm very lucky.... the only nervous one would probably be Gav cos he has so much more to do.
Tash: Absolutely, I mite hurl first. When I first started out it was really bad....not so much now. when haven't played for while, its bad.
Gav: Every gig. You work hard at what you do, you want to do your best and you want the audience to like it. If you dont get nervous, youre probably dead.
Mike: Always
Tom: Do I ever.  It's hard playing your own songs, you never what the reaction will be.

Do you find anything about the thought of fame daunting?
Ryan: Only misrepresentation in what you say and do. And thats only for the fact that I've seen it happen with Blair. What people write isn't always the truth.
Tash: No not really, the focus is on the singer more then anything. Always gonna be the focus on Gav, he's always gonna be most noted. Ryan & I especially kinda take a back seat. If we ever do get really famous I'm happy to do that, I wanna have a life, I like normality.
Gav: Fame is daunting. Lies, always looking good, pressure to behave a certain way, doesnt sound like much fun at all.
Mike: Relentless touring
Tom: No, Fame means money and lots of women falling at my feet.  What
could be daunting about that?

Whats the best part of all this?
Ryan: Probably the fun factor. I wouldn't do it other wise. It's the reason behind it all. You can never make a career if you're not having fun.
Tash: Playing with 3 of my really good friends, doing what we love. Music brought us together. Its just 4 really good friends on stage. One unit, the connection's good, both musically & personally.
Gav: Losing yourself in an idea, the music, singing, and performing
Mike: Communicating with people that get into it. I guess touching people on some level.
Tom: The process, the journey.

Whats your fave song to do live?

Ryan: Um..Um...probably..Where is Mary?...yeah I'd say Where Is Mary?.
Tash: Once Detected, and an old Snubrocket song called She My Lover. Thats a really rocking song, its great to play live.
Gav: I love playing new songs, so at the moment its a newy called Digital Love
Mike: Can I say two? A couple of new ones, Digital love and milk

Tom: This is how it is.

Do you ever think "Why do I bother?"
Ryan: No. Only because I've done it for so long that it's a hobby. It's kinda irrelevant. In the end I'll always play drums. Fame and success would be good but it's not the most important thing.
Tash: Heaps of times. When things are getting really stale in the band room. Working at a song waiting for it to come to fruition. That thought comes to mind absolutely. Then we make it better, and it becomes a song you can stand next to and be proud of.
Gav: Its a tough business. Yes, everyday.
Mike: Yes all the time
Tom: No!! If I ever did, that's when I would finish it all.  If you don't have the love, there's no use in the whole exercise.

Has there ever been any really BAD live experiences?
Ryan: Playing with tea party and all the lights goin' out on stage, every single light on stage....breaking a bass drum pedal during the middle of a song....breaking a snare skin.
Tash: Yeah, personally this one time I was playing in 2 bands Snubrocket and this jazz band, we'd do wedding gigs. Was in Sydney for a mates wedding. Finished playing with jazz band after about a week in Sydney basically got off the plane had to do a gig @ The Club in Collingwood. Had a mental blank. Pretty much faked it through the first couple of songs. All the other guys we're looking at me like "whats goin on?". Had to apologise afterwards. Then at The Evelyn once, I use 2 bass's now. Had them on stage set to tuning. One got knocked, off tune...and all the notes were wrong.
Gav: Something always goes wrong, Ive had stages collapse, lights and PA blow and the worst thing, empty rooms.
Mike: Not really, no.
Tom: Apart from my amp short-circuiting before the first song and me falling through the stage in my state of frenzy, not really.

Do you think you'd make good role models?
Ryan: I think Tash and I would dunno about the other two.
Tash: Yeah I think we're pretty clean cut guys. We dont seek to be. Though if you're thrown into the spotlight I guess you do take it on, if younger kids listen to your music I guess you have some responsibility. But we don't try to be, I don't think you need to do that.
Gav: Not really, too selfish.
Mike: Probably not.
Tom: Yep.

Are there any artists you'd like to perform with?

Ryan: Australian artists ummm - Motor ace, powderfinger....
Tash: Motorace, definitely one. Silverchair, if we could get that gig, I'd like to play with those guys. Internationally: Live, I wouldn't mind doing a gig with them if we could get that and Tea Party again if we were given that opportunity. I'm sure there's heaps more.
Gav: Michael Jackson and any band or artist that produces huge production performances.
Mike: Just off the top of my head, ummm.....Radiohead.
Tom: Nickelback and Chilli peppers

Any last words?
Ryan: Look out. Plenty of new stuff to come.
Tash: Its all about the music. Period. And be good to ya Mum.
Gav: Thanks for your support!!
Mike: Dont worry, be happy!
Tom: We'll see you at the top.

Acclamation On The Avenue

"Look Out" warns Ryan McDonough when speaking of upcoming indie rock band Fifth Avenue. Joined by mates Tash Polyzos (bass) and Michael Lopak (guitar, backing vocals), brothers Gavin (lead vocals) and Ryan have been making music together for as long as they care to remember, a reason Gav puts down to "(Not being able to) play all the instruments at the same time."

A nationwide performance on Bert Newtons GMA recently added another highlight to an already illustrious list "Playing at the Metro for the Big Brother finale, ...Playing with Something For Kate...a few gigs at the Evelyn or Tote" are just a few of the achievements that Tash lists off. Add to these such accomplishments as support gigs with Canadian band The Tea Party, radio airplay on Triple M as an unsigned find, being voted in the top 3 national bands in the reputable La Trobe Universitys campus band competition, and youre looking at a band with not only incredible musical ability and poise, but a collection of feats that would leave many other better known bands envious.

However, as with any other aspect in life, with the highs, there will also be lows. According to Mike, wondering 'Why do I bother?' occurs "...All the time". Listing off just a few of the bad times the guys mention such nightmares as "all the lights going out on stage", breaking various instruments, bass's being knocked off tune, "(got on stage and) had a mental blank", "stages (collapsing) ...and the worst thing, empty rooms".

Catching Fifth Avenue live is an opportunity not to be missed. Although 75% of the band (Ryan being the exception) put claim to immense bouts of nervousness before performing, this certainly does not come across on stage. Amazing instrumental tightness, killer harmonies, a raw sound and perceptive lyrics all come together with a vibrant stage show to form an unforgettable live experience. A Fifth Avenue gig leaves you begging for more, pleading for the chance to see these guys perform all over again.

With a record deal almost in the bag, the guys are destined for superstardom. Already with a large support base well established, and demands for a full-length album piling up, a statement of such calibre should come as no shock. These days it takes more than just a few good songs to be a successful band. It takes staying power, people ability, creativity and individuality. Fifth Avenue easily excel in all these categories and more.

And the guys know that, even if the ever-beckoning record deal they look set to snare does bring fame and fortune, things still wont be smooth sailing. "Fame is daunting. Lies, always looking good, pressure to behave a certain way..." Gav utters. And of course, along with fame comes mass admiration, and the demands of being a public role model. Only Ryan and Tash believe they would be good role models for younger kids. "I think Tash and I would.... Dont know about the other two!" laughs Ryan.

Fifth Avenue continue to amaze and delight anyone willing to listen. They can present you with exactly what anyone could wish for in a band, and more. A certainty to conquer the musical world, it would be highly advisable to catch this band performing and doing what they do best, before its too late, and a intimate pub gig is just another part of Fifth Avenues remarkable history.

The Avenue To Success

Watch out Australia, Melbourne band Fifth Avenue are on the rise. Comprising of brothers Gavin (lead vocals, guitar) and Ryan (drums) McDonough, and mates Tash Polyzos (bass) and Michael Lopak (backing vocals, guitar), this contemporary rock band gained a major stepping stone from
TV's hit reality show, Big Brother. Ryan and Gavin are the older brothers of runner-up Blair. Many may see this as the only reason they have gained success, but Fifth Avenue have the drive and talent to leave the title of 'that guy off TV, his brother's band' trailing behind in the distance. Many bands don't.
Fifth Avenue have been around long enough to prove they can do anything placed in front of them, this simply being another hurdle they can fly over.

Back in 1998, Fifth Avenue were voted in the top 3 national bands, in the LaTrobe University's campus band
competition, and were rewarded with two rocking upbeat tracks, All Fools Away and Clown, being recorded on the campus CD, Primal Event. These tracks are more than
your average rock song. Aside from the intense guitar riffs and penetrating harmonies, the perceptive lyrics deal with
real-life, hard-hitting subjects that many bands these days scrupulously avoid.

You may well say 'Oh here we go, another rock band in the charts'. Which, at first glance, is a fair comment. Fifth Avenue, however, are more than that. There is something special about this group. Something that leaves you begging for more. Whether it be the amazing instrumental
tightness, the killer harmonies, the raw sound, or the deep meaningful lyrics, its something that makes you stand up and
take notice. Their undeniable capability to control and grasp a crowd live, as easily as through their recordings, displays a quality and poise to hold their own against many much better known bands.

The guys are no stranger to admiration, with a large support base already well established. They sold over
1000 copies of their debut EP, 'You Can Snub Me', and the requests, or more so, demands for a full length album are quickly piling up. The band are currently in the process of recording this album, whilst shopping for a record deal.

Said to have the stage presence of Pearl Jam, one would be left yearning that they are chosen as the support act for hit Canadian band Nickelback's upcoming national tour. A Fifth Avenue gig is an unforgettable experience in energetic music and stylish harmonies topping off a vibrant
stage show.

You are always left wanting more, a great deal more and Fifth Avenue deliver, and continue to amaze and delight anybody willing to listen. Fifth Avenue can present
you with exactly what you wish for in a band, whilst continuously adding pleasant surprises along this never-ending journey.

A journey that will take this band and their fans around the world and back again. A journey that will never be forgotten. A journey that can be taken by simply listening to a Fifth Avenue album or seeing a gig. A journey that would be highly advisable to join. And soon.

I've been watching the sky
from the window in the hall
(not that my hall has a window)
I've been wondering why
My memories are torn
(wouldn't that hurt, like a torn muscle?)
I've been shaving my tears
(cos they're getting hairy, tho waxing would b easier)
waiting for you to call
(I'll b waiting a while, u don't have my #)
Oh I stare at constructions
(toilet roll buildings)
But pleadings not my style
I been swimming in circles
(and my arms are getting sore)
as the people walk on by
(Since when do ppl walk on water?)
I'm not willing to go on
(cos my arms r sore from swimming)
standing in this line
( I thought I was swimming?)
But the freaks dont hate me
(cos I'm one of dem)
And its raining down a river far away
(prolly is, I don't live near a river)
Freezing Freezing Freezing Freezing
(minus 518 actually)
All the people are puppets in the same old silly play
It happens every day
(WHAT! ppl r attached to strings?!!)
We rise as the sun downs
(cos da water gets cold then)
And steal away our graves
(isn't that illeagal?)
You come carefully and secret
(on tippy toes)
Into my marketplace
(Fruit just $1, $1!!)
All the stars come together
Deep in outer space
(thats a big place)
Theres a candle waiting
(to be lit)
And its snowing in a city far away
(where its winter)
Freezing Freezing Freezing Freezing
(minus 518)
All the people are puppets in the same old silly play
It happens every day
(WHAT! ppl are attached to string?!!)
And we're up on a HILL,
(well a mountain)
digging to escape
(wif a shovel not a spade)
The market place means nothing
When the products out of date
(but our fruit is fresh and just $1!!)
Entity is in the hands
of those of us who lead the way
(and its heavy too!)
Its when who you are
(cezbez dats me!)
Is what you do
(I care?)
You're the only person walking down the street
(and I'm lonely!!)
You are
Freezing Freezing Freezing Freezing
(minus 518...BRRRRR)
All the people are puppets in the same old silly play
It happens every day
(really? since when do ppl have strings?)