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What's a Fifth Avenue gig like?
Learn from the experts!

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THE TOTE-27/01/2002

Firstly, avoid the Tote. Unless the guys are playing there. But this isn't about the venue, it's about the entertainment!
Despite a lack of beverages....the guys performed superbly. The crowd got into the songs and responded well. Gavin led the way, this guy is not just a great performer, but a true entertainer, and this came out on stage.
This is not to say the other boys didn't live up to the standard set by Gav. Throughtout the show Ryan, Tash, Mike and Gav showed an incrediable musical and personal tightness. They fed off one another and pushed each other to the limits. Starting off with Diffusion, a new rocking tune, Fifth Avenue launched into the viabrant stage show straight away, and only improved as they went thruogh such sings as So Near, Once Detected, Annabell, Lies, Spit It Out, and the well known Freezing, which has been revamped....and you thought it was good before!!
This new Freezing has been rocked up and it goes off live.
In short, the gig was well worth the $6 cover charge (even if I didn't pay it!!), but no matter what the cost, if the oppurtunity arises to see Fifth Avenue live, TAKE IT. I can promise you an unforgettable experience, which you'll never regret.

The Evelyn- 3/4/02
The more I see Fifth Avenue gigs, the better they get. The guys clearly LOVE performing live, and when you go to a gig, you don't just watch, you become part of the performance. The band sucks you in, with the unbelievable tightness and perfoming capabilities the guys have. They feed off each other, pushing the performance to the limits. The Evelyn gig was no exception. Starting off with an short acoustic performance from Gav, doing 2 of the bands old songs, "Galaxy" and "U and Yours, Me in Mine", despite these songs not being done for a while, they still came across brilliantly, before the other boys took the stage for the normal set to begin. A brand new track, "Disappear" kicked things off, and Fifth Avenue never looked back from there. The crowd really got into the gig, even screaming out comments throughout the set. The set on the 3rd consisted of: Galaxy; U and Yours, Me In Mine; Disappear; Once Detected; So Near; Freezing; Where Is Mary; Annabell; Lies; and Can't Feel It. Another fabulous performace from the guys, once more highly recommended live.

THE EVELYN - 20/02/2003

After a long wait, the much anticipated Fifth Avenue gig @ The Evelyn finally rolled around. It was great to see the boys getting back to what they do best once more.
I've said it before, I'll say it again 5th just keep getting better each time I see them!
Apart from trying to get used to the line up changes,  the gig was marvellous, and "well worth the trip from Sydney" apprentlly!!
The boys debuted two new songs, Laundry and Maybe, both were 5th style impressive!!
A reasonable crowd was there, and apart from one audience member (LOL!) telling Gav to "Shuttup and rock!" everyone seemed to enjoy what they saw immensley.
But, I'm writing this just after getting home, its almost 2am, so its just a short review! I'll leave you by saying that the gig simply concreated the fact that if you've seen these guys before, you simply MUST go again, and if not, well, then I can only strongly advise you to seize the very next oppurtunity! (Duke of Windsor, Prahran, 27/2!)

Duke Of Windsor - 27-2-03
Sorry for the delay in getting this up.....but yeah! Also apologies for it being short, but once again, I have an excuse! Called illness.
If you are feelin sick on a gig night tho, a 5th gig is a great way to make you feel better, if only for a little while.
I guess fro the boys point of view, it wasn't their greatest gig, with drumsticks breaking and growing wings then trying to escape the clutches of Ryans hands, guitars playing funny buggers with Mike, and general sound problems, but even so, the boys conquered the challenges as they arose, and still sounded fabulous!
A lot of audience reaction (all good of course) at the DOW gig (tho as gav says, "in a place that small, you've got no fucking choice!", everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves.
Was a great show, and well worth the trip, and general illness! :P
With a while till the next show, make sure you don't miss the oppurtunity to see these guys in their prime.

THE BARWON CLUB - 27/9/2003
The Blair Verdict and The Begginings of Fame!

I have to admit, even I was a little apprehensive about the inclusion of Blair on bass. But, the kid proved himself, staying tight with the rest of the boys in their first Vic performance in months. Playing to a reasonable showing, Fifth sold themselves easily to anyone willing to listen, with many onlookers getting rights into each song, from the 3 newies, to old favourites such as Freezing abd Can't Feel It.
A little over-enthusiastic at times, the crowd remained on their feet and dancing the entire set. many stuck around afterwards to get their hands on the new 5-track CD, and in almost celeb style, most even asked for these CD's to be signed! AWWW! YAY!!