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Your Good Luck Messages!

Send an email from the link below and your message will be placed up on the site...and I PROMISE that the bois WILL see it!

Ok "Bois",
just wanna wish you all the best for Wednesday night. You guys are gonna knock 'em' dead. Just keep in mind that you've got all of your fans in your hearts and it dont matter if those industry people dont act on your talent cause we all still think you rock!!! So good luck and we know that you "bois" will be unreal. Bring the house down!!!!!

Luv Steph your #2 fan (I wonder who the #1 fan is!...Trisi hehehe)

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hey guys!

i just wanna say u rock and i wish u luck with evrything!
Rock On!

Luv Loz

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Just wanted to wish you guys all the best! Show those industry guys what we already know -You guys ROCK!!!!!

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Just wanna wish you guys all the best, and I hope it all works out!!
Luv Julie xoxo

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Hey guys,

Good Luck with the gig! Best wishes! I know you'll be great! Keep rockin! Luv yas!

From Buggie =0)

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Good luck fellas! Ill try to get down there to support you!
Lotsa love and kisses,
J^Lo (otherwise known as Sue-Ellen!) xoxoxoxoxo

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Well First of all Grrrrrr at me not being able see you guys on Wendsday (spelling?!) but YAY for you guys on having big executave peeps there watching you guys rock on!!! You will be in my heart and in my MOVIE!!!!!!! (lols with trisi) Anyway, U DA BOMB!! (sorry i just watched a repet of Da Ali G show!)
Lots of luv
~ *_{BFJ}_* ~

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Good luck with everything, ya's deserve everything that comes your way, don't let the man get ya down, go your own way and keep rocking out those fab tunes!

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hey i just wanted to wish you bois GOOD luck on your gig cumin-up!!!!! your a really wicked band and u guys ROCK!!hope everything goes sure it will!.
lotsa huggles n kisses
from your Fav fan Telisha

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Well well well what can I say? I dont need to say good luck because I know you will
rock the house anyways! You have (and always do) have WA Approval! Go, play, be
charming and get that deal!

Lotsa love freeds (kristine)

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To all the Fifth Avenue guys,

Just wanted to say good luck with your gigs guys!! Sure you will kick ass!!!
Can't wait to see you if you ever come to Adelaide!

Best Wishes

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Hey guys,
BEST OF LUCK!!! Hopefully they'll walk in the door and be smacked in their faces by your talent, but yer umm don't actually smack them in the face 'cause that could be why I'm still unsigned. guys are wikked musicians, and here's hoping they see in you what all of us fans see in you!!! GOOD LUCK GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love ya,
Jem 0:)
P.S. If you feel you need an extra something *you don't, but schmeh well...*...Gav you should wear that bikini on stage ;) re0w!!!

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hey guys,

just wishing good luck for your industry gig this wednesday night!! you'll be fantastic!!! everyone at blaircentral is behind ya all the way!!!!

ihope it all goes well for yas!! just know we love ya!!!

lotsa luv and best wishes for ya!


luv bee

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Hey guys,
I just wanted to say how much i really love you and your music & GOOD LUCK on Wednesday! I hope everthing goes well.
Luv alwayz and forever,

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The 'Star's' of 5th Ave...
Well well's my Good Luck message to you, so I don't get crucified!
I heard, and kinda saw, but definately did hear you guys rock on two weeks back at the Tote...interesting night in all..but hey, I know from that that you guys don't need no 'luck' for this Wednesday! You've got in the bag, and if they can't see must be going to the wrong ppls.
I hope to be there Wednesday (kinda being summoned there for especially 3 special friends who can't make it), to rock on to your tunes...especially the new version of, well our favourite here, 'Freezing'. If they don't fall for that one, I don't know what's wrong with them!
But "GOOD LUCK" anyways, show your magic, you've got the touch - and no matter what, will always have us peeps, wanting more music from you four!!! (I'll go now, before I keep mumbling on)
You go guys!
Hope to see/hear ya's Wednesday! Knock 'em dead!